The life period of fresh food is dependent on proper cooling of the product. Only with uninterrupted cooling is it possible to avoid the formation of germs and ensure that the quality and edibility of certain foodstuffs is maintained. The guidelines of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) stipulate the temperatures that need to be maintained for certain perishables.

Fresh meet: max. +4°C



In the case of temperature sensitive chemicals, it is vitally important that predetermined temperatures are maintained during the storage, transport and delivery of the substances in order to be able to guarantee an optimal and hazard-free usage.




Several temperature sensitive medicines are required in clinics and pharmacies for patients every day. The perfect quality of such medicines, which is vitally important for the health and well being of the patient, can be ensured by the uninterrupted monitoring of their temperature - sometimes over long distances - from the producer to the patient.

Vaccines: 2 to 8°C

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