What is NEFTAG

NEFTAG is a data logger in the format of a visiting card which can be mounted close to or directly onto a product, activated by the sender and read by a receiver using any NFC enabled smartphone. The temperatures of the monitored goods that were recorded since activation are displayed on the smartphone app thus enabling any deviation of the predetermined temperature to be monitored and backtracked. If required, the data can be stored, administered, analysed and interpreted in the cloud. Due to its size and flexibility, the NEFTAG data logger is particularly suitable for high-value individual products. It is even possible to use the NEFTAG data logger with labelling machine making it suitable for mass applications.


Because of it‘s flat design it can be attached like a label


The flexible logger can also be attached to curved surfaces


Can be stuck to the product preventing wilful and wanton removal of the same

Mass assembly

Direct attachment using a labelling machine enabled mass assembly


Can be read using every NFC-enabled Smartphone


Due to our unique manufacturing process NEFTAG can be offered a highly competitive price

Android Application

The NEFTAG Reader

In order to read data from the NEFTAG logger, you only need to install the App on your Smartphone which is available for downloading absolutely free of cost. When the smartphone is now placed close to the logger, data will be transferred to the App and displayed there. Important details regarding the progress of the temperatures along the logistic chain can be captured at a glance and instant decisions can be taken.

  • Android based
  • For all NFC-enabled Smartphones
  • All Information available at a glance
  • Data is stored locally

Online Plattform

NEFTAG Manager

The NEFTAG Manager is a web-based solution with which the data that is captured can be consolidated and centrally administered. You simply have to register and will be ready in just a few minutes. A range of useful functionalities to process and analyse your data are expecting you – convince yourself – and your data is protected according to the German Data Protection Law.

  • Online data management
  • Servers in Germany
  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • GDP Annex 11

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The NEFTAG App will be available in the Google Play Store free of charge. All that your Android phone needs is to be NFC-enabled. Until then you can download a brochure, and we will inform you once we are ready.


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